Coushatte Recreation Ranch History

In 1877 the Nelius Family settled here at Coushatte in Bellville, Texas. They farmed cotton and raised cattle. Horses were used in the fields until after 1948. Then, in the 1950’s, Trenckmann Nelius began to raise chickens and eggs. Cattle raising was still practiced, along with farming maize, to provide food for the chickens.

In 1973, Trenckmann and Margie Nelius started the Coushatte Recreation Ranch with only 24 hookups. Margie named the campground “Coushatte Recreaction Ranch” after the Coushatte Indians that thrived on this very land long ago. There is a Indian Mound on the ranch, and many arrow heads have been found there.

Since starting the Ranch, Trenckmann and Margie had five children; three sons: Fritz, Wayne, and Howard; And two daughters: Gail and Margie. Howard and his wife Pamela Nelius now own and operate Coushatte Recreation Ranch. They have been blessed with four children; two daughters: Savannah and Allison; and two sons: Aaron and Alexander.